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Getting to know Montreal through Activities

photoOne thing I’ve quickly learned in the month or so we’ve been in Montréal is there is always something happening in this city! As evidenced by all the posts on this blog- we like to get out and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Every week our marvelous activities coordinator, Gigi, posts various happenings about town and activities she’s arranged for us to join if we so choose. Continue reading

Canadian Hockey Experiences

Having spent some years in the mid-West, I have become a fan of hockey and more specifically the former National Hockey League (NHL) team – the Minnesota North Stars who have since became the Dallas Stars.  As I embarked on a semester here in Montreal, taking in some hockey culture quickly fell onto my bucket list.

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Writing the City experiences hockey in Montreal

For my Writing the City final, my three classmates and I got the opportunity most Montrealers don’t ever get. We got to see a Canadiens hockey game from the 5th row off the ice! Samantha, Nicole, Erica, and I (Kayleigh) had so much fun cheering on our teams, watching the fans, and watching the game. […]

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