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La Banquise bien sur!

logo Hier après midi, Shelby, Nora, et moi (et notre prof de français, Denis) sommes allés au restaurant La Banquise, pour manger de la poutine.

No, don’t worry – this is not all in French.  As stated above (for those of you who do not speak French), our Conversational French class went out for an end of the semester meal yesterday afternoon at La Banquise to get some poutine. Continue reading

French Theater: Le Mumure du Coquelicot

265_diaporama One of the great things about being in a French-speaking region like Québec is being able to attend movies, plays, and other artistic endeavors in French. The conversational French class, along with Professor Denis Brault, was able to attend a showing of Le Mumure du Coquelicot (English: The Whisper of the Poppy) by Québecois theatre/acrobatics troupe Le Sept Doigts de la Main. Continue reading

The National Library and Archives of Quebec

Photo from:  https://www.banq.qc.ca/  Up here during our stay in Montreal, the French professor (Denis Brault) took both French classes to the Bibliothèque et Archives National du Quebec. As soon as we go inside, we see a giant wooden wall, a café and stairs leading downward to an exhibit. As we stood there as a group, […]

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