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The Internship Chronicles: Part II

Eva Fahantidou @ Minority Media As a Game Design intern at Minority Media I got to be part of the Time Machine VR development team. The game, which is available on Steam Early Access for the Oculus Rift, tasks the player with examining Jurassic-era creatures in order to save humanity. It is slated for full release in early […]

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Heroes And Programmers: An Internship at Minority Media

minoritygroupAfter an eternity of sitting on the couches in the corner of the studio, my time had finally come. As I was beckoned into the meeting room, I took one more look around at the bright, high-ceilinged studio of Minority Media before entering the meeting room and for the first time meeting Tali Goldstein, the studio’s producer. Continue reading

Internship: Minority Report

Minority Media Inc. is one of the coolest companies I’ve had the pleasure of working for.  This small indie developer is comprised of people who used to work for AAA publishers, like EA, Ubisoft, and Square Enix.  Rather than spend their time making cookie cutter games, they wanted to make games that the players could really connect with. Continue reading