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The Artistic Soul of Montreal


Let’s be clear. I’m not much of an artist, though sometimes I like to pretend like I could be. I’ve never taken a class on art appreciation, or creating art in general. I’m woefully illiterate when it comes to art movements. I can’t tell an expressionist painting from a romantic painting from an impressionist painting. Continue reading

ART 220: The Rightful Place of Art

43415716Standing in a ray of sunlight inside what felt like a glass solarium, I tilted my head up to the warmth: a long awaited respite from the grey dregs of winter in Montreal. I looked down on the roof that caught the snow just below the window, busy flooding my pale and pimply skin with fuzzy memories of summer. Continue reading

ART 220 goes to the McCord Museum

20140121_112508We had a great visit to the McCord Museum last Tuesday, January 22, in our Canadian Culture through Fine Arts class. The museum offers a unique look into the past of Montreal that I had never been introduced to before. I recommend taking a look if you have the time, but not before you get a basic understanding of the history of Montreal- which I had no knowledge of until I read the first couple chapters of “The History Montreal”  assigned for homework in the class. Continue reading

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Permanent Collection

20131011_154646The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibits an amazing display of art from all facets of Canada. From the traditional Inuit sculpture to the paintings done by the group of seven many different mediums are there to be seen with a menagerie of styles and executions.  Though out our tour we saw art covering many different events in Canada’s history such as painting done to express the merging of first native cultures with Canadian colonist and the effect it had in the native culture and environment. Continue reading

Grevin Museum in Montreal

Montreal recently opened the doors to the new Grevin Museum, its first location in North America. The project, located on the top floor of Montreal’s well-known Eaton Center, was headed by the General Manager of the Grevin Museum in Paris, France, and incorporated the knowledge and expertise of local Montreal companies. The success of this […]

Continue reading