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Exploring Montreal’s historical neighbourhood

By John Connelly (Game Programming ’21) 

During my month living in Montreal, I have learned a lot about the culture of the city, and a little bit about Canada itself too.  Whether it is from pub quizzes, metro architecture tours, exploring the city or maybe from my CORE classes Food Writing and Emerging Media in Montreal, there has always been an opportunity to learn more about the city I chose to study abroad in.  I’ve learnt history tid-bits, metro facts, cool places to eat, fun slang for sesame seeds and so much more. Montreal has such a vibrant culture that you can get swept into it so quickly, and love every minute of it.  

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When in Rome…

photo 4Who needs a gym membership in Montreal when you can just walk everywhere? The most walking I do back home is usually from my front door to my driveway. Fortunately for those of us who live in downtown, a car is completely unnecessary. To become a true “Montrealer,” one must accept the fact that there will be a lot of walking involved. Continue reading