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Town from Country

By Elisabeth Hammond (PWRT ’19)

Artwork in Place-des-Arts metro station.

There is no question that a city is inexplicably different from the countryside. There is more noise, more people, more activity; the city is entirely non-stop while the countryside’s rolling hills and mountains move as slowly as the cows that graze on them.

It was far from my first time in Montreal ─ living a mere two hours away made the city a popular day-trip spot for my family ─ but it was my first time going up and down the streets where I would be living, learning and memorizing the ins and outs and shortcuts to the metro. Despite the fear that settled with the move from silent no-where to loud somewhere, Montreal’s prospect of exploration and new experiences overcame that quickly.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Champlain Montreal

By Amanda Deep Coming here to Montreal for me was a huge step, both in terms for my professional career and my personal comfort zone limits. Though I can definitely say, even though I’ve been here for less than a week, it was the right decision. For this first blog entry I’m going to tell […]

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Orientation: The Great Equalizer

By Sara DeLoach Collectively (universally), the great equalizer is the shiver we all feel at the phrase “move-in day.” This is only amplified when the move is to another country (even if it is only an hour farther than the regular drive up to school). There’s just something about crossing a border that makes everything […]

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Studying abroad as a couple

By Nikki Pito I love everything about Vermont and the Champlain campus in Burlington. The area is beautiful, there’s so much to do, and my classmates are awesome. By sophomore year I had moved into a nice apartment off-campus with my boyfriend, Nat, who I had met freshman year. Everything was perfect, why change anything? […]

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Fall 2015 Orientation Weekend – Montréal Enchantée!

By Mary Scheyder With the summer drawing to a close (though neglecting to take with it the heat), we all begin to settle into our academic minds and schedules once more. Here, in the beautiful and exciting city of Montréal, 29 Champlainers got to just scratch the surface of all there is to see and […]

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First Montreal Weekend

10623116_10152269868190684_8767132995466421877_nI’m Naomi, a junior in Game Design. Though it was objectively the best decision for me to come up to Montréal, I was feeling pretty apathetic about it. Montréal is approximately 2 hours north of Burlington- how “abroad” can this really feel? This mood carried until about two days before I left for Montréal, where I decided to actually look at the city I’d be living in (I’m very timely). That’s when my inner travel fangirl came out- HOT DAMN! Montréal was a bigger cultural beast than I gave it credit for. Continue reading

Fall 2012 Orientation Weekend | Pirates and Metros and Chocolate, Oh My!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first official blog post! This is probably going to be, yet again, another lengthy post. Why, you ask? Well we just completed Orientation weekend and the past days have been just packed, so there is a lot to share! In this posting I hope to cover moving-in and the […]

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