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Getting Here, Getting There: Taking the Montreal Metro to Class

By John Connelly (EGPR ’21)

When doing your study abroad semester in Montreal, getting to campus may be a little more of an adventure than what you are used to. If you lived on campus in Burlington, this could be a big difference, since what used to be a quick walk to get to class has become a little journey.  If you want to just walk it, it’s not so bad in the summer, but it might not be that fun come winter to brave a 35 minute walk through the Montreal cold. But if getting there by foot is not for you, there is a much faster way to get to class, where a 35 minute walk is transformed into a 15 minute subway ride. That’s right, public transportation. Continue reading

The Montreal Metro Mash

IMG_2461Montréal is a big city. Much bigger than Burlington, where you can easily walk everywhere if you wish. However, you’d have to have a lot of time on your hands if you wish to do that in Montréal. So how do we get around quickly? We take the metro of course! The Société de transport deMontréal or the STM runs the metro and bus systems. It’s similar to the MBTA or the T in Boston. I’ve used many different metro systems across the United States and Montréal is definitely the easiest to use. Continue reading