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The Best Field Trips You’ll Ever Take!

By Ethan Moore Photos by Eva Fahantidou & Ryan Hipgrave Hey everyone, Ethan here! One of the main attractions of coming to Montreal is the allure of a new country and all the differences it brings. But of course, only seeing one city gives you a very tiny peek into what that country really is […]

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Studying abroad as a couple

By Nikki Pito I love everything about Vermont and the Champlain campus in Burlington. The area is beautiful, there‚Äôs so much to do, and my classmates are awesome. By sophomore year I had moved into a nice apartment off-campus with my boyfriend, Nat, who I had met freshman year. Everything was perfect, why change anything? […]

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Quebec City Visit Fall 2012


Hello, readers. For this week’s blog I’ll be talking about part of our first group trip outside of Montreal. From October 5thto the 7th, we went to the capital of Quebec, Quebec City. I won’t cover much of Friday’s events because I my co-blogger Evan is going to cover that date. But suffice to say, we arrived in Quebec City with no problems; the Greyhound bus we took to get there was comfortable and the ride wasn’t very long, two hours at the most. Continue reading