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Spring Cleaning

By Laura Smith (BUSA ’18)

When you are living within a city, such as Montreal, it can be overwhelming sometimes with all of the towering buildings and concrete. However, just a short walk from downtown is Mont Royal, the mountain that Montreal has built its base around. This park is filled with plenty of picnic spots, hiking trails, running trails, and other refreshing green spaces.

As the semester is coming to an end, the SCI 155 environmental science class here in Montreal decided to take a trip to Mont Royal for our final field trip. Throughout the semester, we have visited several museums and science exhibits, however, this is the first time that we were able to get hands on experience within the community. Our task for the day – clean up trash throughout the park.

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SCI155: The Biosphere, Yeah!

IMG_20141024_112846Since we arrived in Montreal it has loomed in the distance. That big spiderweb looking orb. I wasn’t really sure what it was at first but on Friday, our Environmental Science class finally got to see what it was all about. Walking up to it felt like approaching this big SciFi laboratory with the building contained in the huge sphere and once we were inside that wasn’t very far off. Continue reading

SCI155: Planetarium visit

planetarium1Last week, our environmental science class visited the Planetarium. One short Metro ride later we arrived at Montréal’s Planetarium on Thursday November 6th just in time for the next showing of Continuum in English later to be followed up by From The Earth To The Stars. Continue reading

SCI 155 – The Mount Royal March

Mount royal photo1

Professor Watt explains the area to the class

On a sunny Friday morning the students of this semester’s Environmental Earth Sciences course set about conducting a lab on the ecosystem of Mont-Royal – not with goggles or a textbook, but, rather, sturdy shoes and an appetite for exploration. Continue reading

SCI 155: Being a kid again at the Montreal Biodome

Biodome 2014-16I thought maybe it was the woman in front of me who smelled like fish when I entered the foyer of the Montreal Biodome. I looked back behind me to see if the other Champers smelled it too. They did. I don’t know why, until now, I hadn’t thought about where I was actually going. A zoo, perhaps? A garden? Of course the place smelled like fish, I was entering a building that held four entirely different ecosystems – it was going to smell like nature.  Continue reading

An Animal Science Adventure at the Montreal Biodome

IMG_20130913_104850When I thought of the Biodome, what sprang to mind were a few small enclosures each with a different kind of environment with maybe one or two animals each (much like a traditional zoo). However, I got way more then I bargained for when we entered the Montreal Biodome, which was filled with enormous thriving ecosystems, which contained a vast number of animals – all indoors. Continue reading

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

IMG_386010 am Friday morning means science lab. Most college students dread the word “science lab,” however here in Montréal, it’s something I look forward to. It’s usually a good way to close out the week of classes, internship, homework, and activities. Why is it that I look forward to the lab component of our Global Environmental Earth Science course? Because it usually means a trip outside of the classroom. Continue reading

SCI 155 Botanical Gardens Outing




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Olympic StadiumWe started our SCI 155 lab excursion on Friday morning by walking through the Olympic Park, which is interesting on its own because of how massive it is. I think that it would be really cool to try to get into one of these buildings just to see their internal structure. Continue reading