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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Art:

My Summer Internship at Behaviour Interactive

RyanL1_CCMan, talk about out of the fray and into the fire. I had no idea my first two weeks at Behaviour Interactive would be so intense. I felt like had no idea what I was doing, what my tasks were, or what the game was supposed to look like. I had never worked on mobile-level graphics before (let alone anything in a real production environment). Continue reading

GDD325: The Fresh Paint Gallery

IMG_0113The Fresh paint gallery in Montreal is not like any other art gallery that I have ever visited before. The art doesn’t just stop at the framed art on the walls but continues past that, to the walls and the hallways connecting the different exhibits. Each room is completely taken over by an individual artist who gets to arrange their room however they please. Continue reading

ART220: A Day with the Saints

20140401_101059The journey to visit Saint Joseph Oratory began on a beautiful Thursday morning, without a cloud in the sky-lucky for me. Naturally, I took the wrong street and entered from the neighboring alley. I looked to my left and saw the majestic oratory. Quite a few years had passed since my last visit, so I had forgotten how overwhelmingly large the site was. Continue reading