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How to Guide: Living on a Budget

photo 5Most of the students studying abroad arrived with a set amount of funds. One of the most important things this experience has taught me has been how to budget my money, with a few bumps along the way. Something that has been a complete lifesaver for me has been the OPUS monthly public transportation pass. Continue reading

ART 220: Pointe-A-Calliere Museum Visit

20140218_110313Fascinating and Unique. This is how one describes the Pointe-A-Calliere Museum. From the design of the buildings— which was built over the old ruins of the city— to the display of the prehistoric artifacts, one will leave with a deep understanding of the historic aspect of Montreal and some its different social facets. Continue reading

Spring Break Forever


After seven weeks of nonstop class, trips, studio visits, and events, last week we all finally had the opportunity to get some well deserved rest. However, even though class was out, there were still several cool things planned over break for those of us who stayed in the city. Continue reading

Curling: “How Social the Game, and How Manly!”

Photo edited with https://www.tuxpi.comThose are the words that hang over the official rink of the Royal Montreal Curling Club. Established in 1807, back when people were outside throwing rocks down the ice of the ST. Lawrence River, it’s since become a place for people to eat, drink, and throw 40 pound stones at each other to see who can get it closest to the center of a huge target on the other side of the ice. Continue reading

We are Winter

1795529_10151835679152554_586872133_nSnow, slush, rain and wind. These are some of the things one has to deal with while living in Montreal during this season. Let me be the first to say, it is a small price to pay in exchange for experiencing all the beauty and excitement thriving in Montreal. These last two months have been cold, yes. But I wouldn’t imagine living in Montreal any other time of the year because Winter is just so breathtaking here. Continue reading

LAN 215: La Grande Bibliotheque

GB_oct-2009_smDear future scholar and Montreal resident, If you’re looking for a place to hit the stacks, the “Grande Bibliotheque” is less than a block away from the academic building. It doesn’t look like a library, with its glass sides and sharp, modern corners. At least, not for those of us used to brick Victorian buildings with creaky floors and 100 years of dust in the dark spaces. Continue reading

GDD 325: The Art of the Montreal Metro

IMG_4640When taking the subway there are many ways to approach the ride. Keep flipping songs on your iPod until you get to a foot tapping tune or people watch the shit out of everyone. But on this particular day my class- Duality and Design took a look at what really shapes the means of transportation around Montreal. Continue reading