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Heroes And Programmers: An Internship at Minority Media

minoritygroupAfter an eternity of sitting on the couches in the corner of the studio, my time had finally come. As I was beckoned into the meeting room, I took one more look around at the bright, high-ceilinged studio of Minority Media before entering the meeting room and for the first time meeting Tali Goldstein, the studio’s producer. Continue reading

To Meet One’s Goddess

sonoramaAbout a month ago I wrote about my ongoing quest to find a dirty French record called L’Histoire de Melody Nelson. I intended on continuing that quest, but then I didn’t, I wrote about something else instead. Well I have a confession to make. (I think 90% of the things I write involve some kind of confession. Maybe that is the point of writing.) Continue reading

Working at Tuque Games

08b1f91My experience working at Tuque Games has been extremely rewarding and I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a team of around 15 on an amazing project. The opportunity to work closely with experienced members (Eidos, Behavior, Ubisoft, etc.) of the industry is something I never would have imagined before arriving in Montreal. Continue reading