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Une Nuit Blanche A Montréal

image (2) In Montreal, there is always an interesting event happening or to look forward too. You can always find something to do that’s only a short walk from the dormitory. It’s great for relieving stress and having a good time with friends. For us this week that meant going to the Montreal En Lumiere festival.

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Dinosaurs and Castles

1321065012_LogoSmSauropod: roughly defined by Dictionary.com as a large, herbivorous dinosaur with a small head, long neck, and five toed limbs. When I hear the word it conjures up images of that scene in Jurassic Park where they get their first look at the dinosaurs. The impossibly catchy theme swells, Sam Neill pulls off his sunglasses, and BOOM, giant dinosaurs. Our visit to Sauropod Studio wasn’t quite like that but it was pretty cool nonetheless. Continue reading