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A Night at the Floor Show

By Emma Campbell Everyone remembers their first trip to the floor show. It might have been a midnight slumber party in 8th grade, or a Halloween time warp. It might have been a date night, or a spur-of-the moment event following a “you haven’t seen Rocky Horror!?” For me, this was my third or fourth […]

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La Baleine Blanche: Moby Dick…en français!

By Emma Campbell The French language is a beautiful and captivating one. For those of us here in Canada, it is also a staple of Montreal living. Everywhere you go there’s a “bonjour” or a “merci,” which is why French 1 and Conversational French both count as COR credits. It’s a real part of the […]

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The St. Leonard Chronicles: Funny, Sad, and Slightly Cathartic

2104-theatre-st-leonard-chronicles St. Leonard Chronicles was a play that took you on an unsuspecting emotional roller coaster. It could change from funny, to sad, to angry, to evoking deep thoughts about life and death…and all in the span of about ten minutes. The play is centered on a family debating about life in Montreal and the stereotypes they are trapped in by their heritage and birthplace. Continue reading