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Champlain Montreal: 2019 Ubisoft Game Lab Competition

By Erin Warner | Management & Innovation Major | Class of 2020

Since the establishment of Ubisoft Montreal’s Quebec studio in 1997, the gaming company has devised a series of programs to educate and inspire young minds with a passion for STEM. One of these programs titled, The Game Lab Competition, has gained the attention of the Champlain College Montreal campus. The Game Lab Competition occurs over the course of 10 weeks in which a team of undergraduate students must deliver a playable video game prototype.

Nick Deluzio, a Champlain junior who is majoring in Game Design, will be collaborating with 7 other Champlain students ranging in majors from Game Animation to Game Programming on one of the two teams representing Champlain Montreal. Each team has been tasked with the creation of a game under the guiding theme, Spectacle. This means, the game must be designed where the player is an audience member guiding the plot through interactions.

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Dreams Do Come True

ubisoftblog1I started playing video games before I really knew how to read. In fact I forced myself to become better at reading because I really wanted to understand what characters were saying in dialogue boxes. For a long time gaming was a common pastime for me, but I could take it or leave it. At least, that was until my older brother gifted me a copy of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Continue reading